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Founding the CEOs!

Taste Marketing and Digital Media is one of the newest and fastest growing marketing companies in the South! Originally founded, in Huntsville, AL, Taste has now expanded to Atlanta, GA as the founders, Kiandria Demone and Kareem Allen, prepare to meet and exceed new business goals by taking on a larger, more diverse market.

“There are so many different aspects to selling and marketing a brand or product, we feel a larger market will really allow us to have fun with our ideas and creativity,” excited Demone, who now serves as Co-CEO and Creative Director of Marketing Communication. Demone began her career in Social Media Marketing and Communications while attending college at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. After earning a degree, Demone worked as an on-air talent and host for local radio station. Soon after, she found herself contributing greatly to the station’s online platforms and marketing campaign, as creating content and executing marketing strategies seemed to come naturally. Within months, she had created her own position: the station’s first ever social media manager. Demone worked tirelessly to create and grow the online following of a once traditional, dated media outlet. Upon her departure, Demone had created an online audience of over two-thousand new followers and potential customers! Unsurprisingly, when she decided to branch out and start her own digital management company, Demone was able to move forward to begin “Taste Management”, serving artists, entertainers, and media outlets in Northern Alabama, and even kept the owner of the radio station as a client!

In 2015, Taste Management transformed from a digital management company, to social media marketing power-brand Taste Marketing and Digital Media, as Demone partnered with a local entertainment promoter and entrepreneur, Kareem Allen. Originally from Florence, AL, Allen is a natural salesman, businessman, and entrepreneur. After finding much success in the entertainment and nightlife Industry, (including creating and publishing a viral video that launched his career as an influencer), Allen decided to bring his experience and wisdom and use it more in a corporate sector. “Our goal is to take the creative skills that we both use in the entertainment industry, master them, and show people in every field how they can use them to create customers and make money,” Allen explains, “Just like entertainers, we all use social media daily. We post, we read, we occupy ourselves with the day-to-day lives of others. But the problem is that only a few are making a profit from it.” According to Allen, Taste Marketing and Digital media will help business owners by bringing a fresh, modern millennial’s take on traditional marketing.

With creative concepts, strategic campaigns, and eye-catching visuals, Taste is set to become the biggest and most innovative marketing company as it expands outside of the southern market, garnering followers and clients worldwide. With clients that vary from a small vape shop (Vape On, LLC), to an entire web series and tv show (Rocket City Loser, The Switch), there are no ends to the level of innovation and creativity that have made Taste Marketing and Digital Media, and its founders, a brand with much accomplishment in marketing, and even more potential for growth.

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