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Kiandria Demone is the founder and CEO of Taste Marketing and Digital Media, Atlanta’s premiere source for content marketing and luxury branding. Upon seeing fast success with Taste, Demone quickly became an inspiration for a modern approach to traditional content creation and social media marketing, earning her the nickname “Content Bae”. As a startup entrepreneur, Demone quickly built a six-figure brand while maintaining a five-star rating and impeccable brand image.

“There are so many different aspects to selling and marketing a brand or product, I felt a larger platform would really allow me to have fun with my ideas and creativity,” excites Demone, who now serves as CEO and Creative Director of Marketing Communication. Demone began her career in Social Media Marketing and Communications while attending college at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. After earning a degree, Demone worked as a freelance designer and an on-air talent and host for local radio station.

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Soon after, she found herself contributing greatly to the station’s online platforms and marketing campaign, as creating content and executing marketing strategies seemed to come naturally. Within months, she had created her own position: the station’s first-ever social media manager! Demone worked tirelessly to create and grow the online following of a once traditional, dated media outlet. Upon her departure, Demone had created an online audience of over two-thousand new followers and potential customers! Unsurprisingly, when she decided to branch out and start her own digital management company, Demone moved forward to begin “Taste Management”, serving artists, entertainers, and media outlets in Northern Alabama. She even kept the owner of the radio station as a client! After working a corporate job and freelancing for big name brands, Demone decided to pursue entrepreneurship full-time, for a purpose bigger than just herself!

“My company stands out from others for many reasons, the most notable one being our creativity. We have a great understanding of the psychology of the customer, and our team is very skilled at translating their needs into eye-catching, high-quality visuals!” explains Demone. “We also pride ourselves on our innovative design, our thorough understanding of the market, and our ability to create content that could compete with bigger brands (such as Nike, Apple, Google). We are making quality content accessible to businesses other than just those who dominate their industry.”

Now an established business owner, brand influencer, and community activist, Demone boasts a resume and client list with projects and achievements that many under thirty only dream of! In 2018, Taste Marketing was named the Best Digital Advertising Agency in Northern Alabama, and Demone was recognized for her pioneering efforts in social media marketing. Today, she has continued to expand and now operates Demone Media, LLC., which serves as the “parent company” for multiple brands, including Taste Marketing, Little Miss Entrepreneur, and Boss Charm School. Present day, she continues to create and teach others about marketing and entrepreneurship as well. She has established not only a professional brand, but a personal impact as one of the first and youngest black female entrepreneurs in the US to found and operate a successful marketing company.

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