PRODUCTION DOES NOT BEGIN UNTIL REQUIREMENTS ARE RECEIVED VIA EMAIL. Failure to submit a requirement email may delay your order. Submitting requirements outside of email is not acceptable, and your order will be considered incomplete. 

All customer service inquiries should be emailed to support@tastemdm.com. This includes order inquiries, delayed deliveries, or missing products. Order inquiries submitted via personal message outside this platform may be missed or overlooked altogether. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ORDER INQUIRIES BEFORE 14 BUSINESS DAYS. Production flows more smoothly and efficiently without constant interruption. 

Calls are by appointment only. Communication through multiple channels or using different names (such as email, text, and Facebook messenger) may cause order confusion and delay your project among others. We will typically only reach out if there is an issue with your order. Timeframes are only an estimate and are not guaranteed. Turnaround time may vary depending on the scope of work and the complexity of your design. 


We have a zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior. Posting publicly or slandering your designer in regards to an order issue will result in an immediate cancellation of your order. Those who have orders cancelled due to abusive or elicit behavior will forfeit their right to a product or a refund. Those who do not comply with this policy will be subject to legal action and refused for future projects and promotions. 

Social media channels are reserved for SALES AND CONSULTATION ONLY. This is in order to maintain a productive workflow, and to keep the integrity of our brand. Any customer service concerns should be forwarded via email to support@tastemdm.com, please allow up to 24 hours for a response, and up to 72 hours for a resolution. Customer service inquiries (asking for order updates, expressing an issue with your product or service) should not be forwarded via personal messenger on Facebook or Instagram. Sending personal messaging regarding your concerns with an order will only limit our ability to assist you. We will not open or view them. 

Due to the creative nature of our work and the structure of our company, all orders are subject to a no-refund policy. Much of our work is non-tangible, intellectual property (such as planning, consulting, and strategizing creative concepts that go into a design). Regardless of outcome of project, Taste reserves the right to be compensated for these services. Refunds are NOT owed due to missed deadlines or delayed deliveries. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS  once production and labor have started, drafts have been delivered, or if time has been reserved for your account, causing other potential projects to be refused (most common with brand kits and web designs). If, for any reason, client cancels product or service, client forfeits the right to a refund, but may be otherwise compensated with other products or services of equal value. Orders disputed by the cardholder's bank (despite the no-refund policy) will be subject to legal action for issues regarding libel, breach of contract, or theft by deception. 

Customer is responsible for reading ALL INFORMATION GIVEN AT THE TIME THE ORDER WAS PLACED, including the list of requirements needed to process an order. Failure to submit these requirements will result in a delay of services, and in some cases, closure of your order with no product or refund. Failure to read all information provided at the time of purchase will negatively impact your experience as a customer and limit our ability to create or produce for you. 

ALL CUSTOMERS ARE EXPECTED TO ADHERE TO THIS AGREEMENT, NO EXCEPTIONS. Each customer is given a copy or link to this agreement at the time of purchase, and by placing an order, you are acknowledging receipt of this agreement and committing to following the aforementioned guidelines. Failure to adhere to this agreement will result in immediate account closure and forfeiture of a product, service, or refund. 

Please accept the terms & conditions and customer agreement (if you have not already done so when placing an order). Failure to do so may cause unnecessary delays or confusion with your order. In some cases, this may result in cancellation of the project altogether. 

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