QUALITY TAKES TIME! Taste is committed to providing the best possible product, and in order to do this we require patience. Time frames are given based on the estimated effort that is required to produce your design. However, as with most fields in technology or creativity, this effort and time may fluctuate. With this, rushing a project or design could possibly sacrifice the quality of the outcome. Though time frames and deadlines are indeed important, the focus should always be to get the best result!

Some designs (especially custom video work) may experience a longer than projected wait time as production may take longer than expected. This is completely normal and is not always an indicator of a problem or issue with your order. However, do not hesitate to share any urgency regarding launch dates or deadlines, but please take this into account when setting dates for events or product launches. Rush delivery is available upon request, but may incur separate pricing. We highly recommend that Rush Shipping be considered for projects that require a finished product before 30 days from the time of purchase. We appreciate your patience and your trust, we promise… It is always worth the wait!