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It’s time to step your ad game up! Catch your audience’s attention and reach more viewers by using an advertisement with animation and moving objects! Includes the creation of a Facebook ad design with pictures provided by you, and an animated version of that design.


Includes marketing strategy call for implementation of ad campaign to garner maximum views and sales.

Once your order is placed, please submit an official design request to include the following:


• Business name

• Copy of your logo

• 1-2 examples of images or other ads to serve as inspiration

• Pictures to be included in the ad• A short description of your company and what you will be advertising

• The audience you want to reach

• Any preference for effects (smoke, bouncing objects, fire, glitter, etc.)


Please send to and use “Design Request” or “Order Requirements” in the subject line. Complex designs or effects may incur separate costs. Please message us first if you think your ad may fit this category.


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