What better way to launch your brand?! Includes a full Brand Identity Suite, PLUS a video with custom logo animation, brand inspiration, fonts, and color palette! Wow your potential partners and keep a consistent look that will help to make your business organized, successful, and recognizable! 
Brand Identity Suite - Full Logo Suite (Main logo, alternate logo, submark), full color pallette, fonts used, and mood board with imagery and textures to inspire your visuals and help to create the mood of your visuals!
Video includes music, brand colors, logo, fonts, and imagery that serve as inspiration for ALL of your branding! Send it to potential partners, contractors, sponsors, or post on social media to WOW anyone who is new to your brand. Eliminate brand confusion by using visual FX and animation to clarify the tone, theme, attitude, and any emotion that is associated with your brand. OR use it as a teaser to announce your rebrand, what better way to catch an audience’s attention? Consider it your brand's video resume!